Sustainable Development - a learning and change process

"Sustainable Development meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." WCED, Our Common Future, 1987

For us, sustainable development is a learning and change process motivating people to get involved in the creation of a world worth living in.

Our tool:
Education (and capacity building) for Sustainable Development (ESD) Definition

ESD supports an on-going learning process which seeks to implement systemic change towards sustainability within schools, universities, government, business, industry and society. To achieve this, ESD actively involves multiple stakeholders’ perspectives and experiences across every aspect of society to reflect on how we currently live and work. In addition, ESD helps them to grow understanding and capacity to make informed decisions and create ways to support change and progress towards a sustainable life and work perspective.

Those who advocate a better future must introduce innovative thinking within their problem-solving, project ideas and concepts. And this needs skills and abilities to transform knowledge into action. Only then can long-lasting change processes be created.

It is vital that people who want the change, are able to implement change, and are supported through the change.

We are convinced: Another future is possible!

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