Projects and Training for Sustainable Development

As a project and training consultant we support you in:

Project management for organisations, businesses, and foundations. We offer...
· developing and implementing, monitoring, mentoring service
· conception and realisation of education programs, projects and campaigns
· incorporation of and networking with partners in the economic, political, cultural and
ecological sector
· planning and organisation of workshops and training

Education for Sustainable Development

· across the environmental, social, cultural and economic sectors
· towards sustainable learning and change processes
· including planning and implementation, coordination, and project management
· on behalf of businesses, non-governmental organisations, foundations, ministries and
local authorities

Sustainability management for a better quality of life that embraces the future
· A responsible way to use water and energy.
· A balance between progress and carrying capacity.
· Aligning consumption patterns and quality of life.

Together with you, we are aiming to create supporting learning and change processes.

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