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Viable developments, imaginative visions, real-world solutions: All these have already been realised for our clients.

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Here are some of our sustainability projects:


Project: A Fair ”Mercator-Business”
Client:   Mercator Trust GmbH
Product:   Project concept & training

Through action learning, students of 10 Mercator-Schoolclub-Schools are developing and applying action and planning competences to create their individual sustainable school environment. In the process of setting-up their own sustainable micro-business/project, students are involved in critical and cultural reflection on aspects of diversity and democracy as well as consumerism and lifestyle choices. The students’ aim is to re-define their project practice and school processes towards sustainable development in schools.

Status:   On-going.

Project: Mercator-School-Network
Client:   Mercator Trust GmbH
Product:   Network coordination & management; consulting & mentoring

Teachers, parents and students of 18 schools are cooperating in school projects in order to learn from each other and build synergies for (future) school development processes.

Status:   On-going.
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Project: Sustainability@School
Client:   TÜV Nord Essen
Product:   Project concept & realization; consulting & mentoring, documentation
Brief:   Development of virtual learning field trips & an e-education program to foster ESD in
Status:   On-going.

Project: FOCUS school contest ”Schools build the Future”
Client:   Secondary School ”Gesamtschule Holsterhausen” & Emschergenossenschaft, Essen (a waste-water-management company)
Product:   Project concept & management; mentoring
Brief:   Eight students and three trainees explored the potential of using waste-water-heat to produce energy for a residential area and to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and global warming.
Results:   Awarded 1. Prize
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Project: ”Leaving – Arriving – Living together”
Client:   Forum Demokratie Düsseldorf
Product:   Consulting, conception, management, mentoring, monitoring & evaluation, and documentation

Around 100 students, most of them with a non-German cultural background of four different schools, enhanced their capacity and creativity towards living together in a more cohesive society by exploring and critically reflecting on their values, perspectives and actions to construct a sustainable and integrative future by themselves.


Manual about the project, lessons-learnt and classroom activities

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School field centres are moving – from EE towards ESD  

How do you successfully move towards education for sustainability (ESD)? Together with experts and decision-makers from the school field and environmental education centres, local authorities, associations, and scientific institutes, creates went further into this question by discussing and identifying vital principles, concepts and strategies of ESD and how these core elements could be applied to the actual work of the participants.

Project: From EE towards ESD  
    More than 20 participants, including foresters from the SaarForst, rangers from the ”Naturwacht Saarland” and environmental professionals from the conservation sector came together to explore the possibilities of developing their environmental education practice towards education for sustainable development in kindergartens and schools. Based on their ”future visions”, participants started generating their pedagogical concepts for education for sustainable development and further strategies for their coming education work in their workplace.
Further Information:   Pdf-Datei, 2,9MB, only German

Project: Develop new competencies: An educational goal for sustainable development

Professional development of environmental and educational experts who experienced the computer-animated map exercise ”Fishbanks” as a valuable tool for several target groups at their workplace.
The simulation exercises strengthened systems thinking, planning and problem-solving.

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